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CNC Router Cutting
CNC Machining & CNC Turning

CNCtec focuses on manufacturing products with the latest technologies to help your products get to market faster with better quality and better service. Our focus is the same as yours - building great products. Our company has been building products for a long time and we have the proven knowledge and expertise to guild the manufacturing process to make manufacturing efficient and clean. We are centrally located in Austin, Texas

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Manufacturing at its finest - Building great products does not need to be so hard. Leverage our knowledge base to build better designs and better products.

CNCtec Manufacturing:

Laser cutting:

Laser cutting of most metals from .020 thick to 1” Steel Plate. We can offer secondary services like forming, machining, drilling, tapping and finishing.

CNC Router cutting:

We can process sheets of wood or plastic up to 5’ x 10’ and have an 8 tool changer for complex routed parts. The vacuum table allows parts to be processed quickly and without additional hold downs or tabs.

CNC Machining:

Our machining operations focus on medium to high volume machined parts and we generally design and build custom fixtures and work-holding to optimize the manufacturing process. We primarily machine aluminum, stainless steel and steel parts. When your parts are past the prototype stage and ready to go into production our machining efficiency is unmatched.

CNC Turning:

Turned part production is primarily based on bar feed smaller diameter parts. If your parts are under 2.25” diameter and you are looking for a volume manufacturer let’s talk. We can offer production pricing domestically that compares or beats overseas production pricing with much better quality and delivery.

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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting of sheet and plate, steel, stainless and aluminum.

CNC Router cutting

High speed multi tool router cutting for wood, plastic and foam

CNC Machining

CNC Machining production parts using custom tooling for production parts

CNC Turning

Production small diameter turning on our lathes.

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We are located in south Austin, TX

CNCtec is a division of Tiger Industrial Inc.

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